Management Team

Collateral Monitoring

Sabrina Bishop

Collateral Analyst / Relationship Manager

Sabrina rejoined Callidus in 2015. Prior to Callidus Sabrina worked for Alignvest Private Debt Ltd. She originally worked for Callidus from 2009 to 2013. Sabrina has over 15 years’ experience with asset based lending. She began her career with the Recovery and Special Loans Group at National Bank of Canada. In 2005 she joined the asset base team at Wachovia Capital Finance as a Collateral Analyst. Sabrina holds a BSc from the University of Toronto.

Kristine Armada

Collateral Analyst / Relationship Manager

Kristine joined Callidus in September 2015 as a Collateral Analyst and Relationship Manager, bringing with her over ten years of experience in commercial finance. Prior to joining Callidus, Kristine worked as an Account Executive for BridgingFactor Inc. She also previously worked as a Collateral Analyst in CIBC's Asset-based Lending department and as an Account Executive for Bibby Financial Services (Canada) Inc. Kristine holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in the Philippines. Outside of work, Kristine enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

Nadia Pecchia

Collateral Analyst / Relationship Manager

Nadia joined Callidus in December 2013. As a Collateral Analyst and Relationship Manager her role includes the analysis and monitoring of clients' financial activities to identify, recommend and report any compliance or client issues to senior management. She also builds and maintains excellent customer relationships. Nadia began her asset-based lending career with Wachovia Capital Finance. Prior to Callidus, she worked as a Collateral Analyst in BMO's Corporate Finance Department. She was also an Associate Facilitator at the BMO Learning Institute. Nadia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Toronto. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her two children.

Transaction Highlight

US Acquisition US $72,500,000 Financing Deal for an Oil and Gas Services Company

Callidus provided the purchasers of a U.S. based oil and gas services company ("Serviceco") with an operating line of credit of US $12,500,000 (secured by working capital assets) and a term loan of US $60,000,000 (secured by machinery and equipment). The proceeds were used by our client to assist with purchase of the shares of Serviceco, and fund ongoing working capital so the business could realize Serviceco's turnaround.

Serviceco had a successful history of operating and financial performance. However, a decision by the prior owners to reposition its service fleet caused a decline in performance as utilization dropped during the transition period. This decline in performance meant the existing senior bank lender was not prepared to support the new owners looking to acquire the business.

The company had already proceeded with another lender for financing the acquisition; however, this lender could not close the transaction. The buyers of Serviceco approached Callidus to determine if we could step in and provide the acquisition financing.

The Serviceco buyers required a lender which was comfortable with leveraging the assets of the company, and had the insight to understand what caused the downturn in the performance of the company, and see the turnaround. Callidus stepped in and closed the financing in seven weeks. As the company wanted a committed financing facility for two years, Callidus was able to structure financial covenants that fit with the company's forecast. Callidus was able to offer a principal repayment holiday on the term loan to take the pressure off the company's cash flow allowing the new owners to focus on the operations of the business following their purchase. Principal repayments on the term loan were tied to the depreciable life of the equipment, affording additional relief to Serviceco's annual debt repayment obligations. Serviceco's CFO affirms, "Callidus was able to structure a financing program catered to our needs - something that no other lender could do. The responsiveness with which Callidus put together the financing program meant that we didn't skip a beat in our acquisition plans."