About Callidus

Callidus is fast emerging as one of the most important lending partners in the growth and recovery market in Canada and the U.S.

Your Partner in Growth and Recovery

Established in 2003, Callidus Capital is a publicly traded, specialty debt fund that provides capital on a bridge basis to meet the financing requirements of companies that cannot access traditional lending sources, including those that are:

  • In financial distress
  • In an industry out of favor with traditional lenders
  • Experiencing high growth or strategic changes

Our experienced and focused team of financial experts is ready to help our clients expedite their move to the next phase of recovery or growth. As one of our industry's largest lenders in the mid-market segment, Callidus has deployed in excess of 1 billion dollars to companies across Canada and the U.S.

Lending Flow

When timely bridge financing is mission critical for a company's growth or recovery, Callidus quickly provides the greatest liquidity and flexibility to enable our clients to execute on their business plan, paving the way to transition clients back into the comfort zone of the traditional lending market.

Lending Flow

Transaction Highlight

Callidus Capital combines a Line of Credit and Term Loan of $17,000,000 to enable Leader Energy Services Ltd. to meet ongoing customer demand

Based in Western Canada, Leader Energy Services Ltd. partners with the energy sector's best-known companies to help unlock oil and natural gas reservoirs. Callidus Capital provided Leader Energy with an operating Line of Credit of $4,000,000 and a Term Loan of $12,000,000. The proceeds were used to refinance the incumbent lender and provide the Company with increased liquidity and certainty of capital.

Due to unusual weather conditions in the spring of 2012 that caused their customers to delay their drilling activities, Leader Energy experienced a corresponding delay in business activity. As opposed to trying to operate the business surrounded by a lack of certainty relative to capital access, Management elected to take a proactive stance and approached Callidus Capital to help them generate the liquidity and flexibility required to meet impending sales demand.

To accomplish this, Callidus provided an integrated, stable solution that margins both the company's working capital and fixed assets to a higher level than conventional lenders. Callidus was able to complete its due diligence and close the financing within five weeks, providing Leader Energy with sufficient capital to meet oncoming seasonal demand. Rod Hauser explains, "The Callidus team was quick to come to the table and structure a financing package that supported our Management Plan. They understood the opportunities for growth and worked with us to build a stronger future for our company."