Callidus Capital Corporation provides fast, flexible and creative funding solutions to companies that cannot access traditional lending sources.

These include companies that are experiencing growing pains, strategic changes, and/or financial distress. Our credit facilities have few, if any, covenants and are based on the company’s assets, enterprise value, and borrowing needs.

Our experienced and focused team of financial experts is ready to help our clients expedite their move to the next phase of recovery or growth. With significant financing, operating and restructuring experience and a deep understanding of the realities of business, we approach risk from a business perspective and can be very creative, flexible and fast to meet our borrowers' needs.

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Callidus is traded on the TSX:CBL

Press Releases
Apr 1, 2019

All amounts in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated. Highlights The pipeline of potential borrowers at December 31, 2018 was $545 million, and currently stands at approximately $550 million...

Mar 29, 2019

Callidus Capital Corporation (the "Company" or "Callidus") announced today that the Company has entered into an agreement with certain investment funds (the "Catalyst Funds") managed by The...

Corporate Governance

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Nebraska Book Company

Please see the company’s press release for details.

Oil & Gas Services Company

$72,500,000 Senior Revolving & Term Credit Facility

Auto Parts Manufacturer

$47,000,000 Senior Revolving & Term Credit Facility

Lumber Manufacturer

$89,000,000 Senior Revolving & Term Credit Facility

Subprime Consumer Lender

$30,000,000 Senior Revolving Credit Facility

Quality One Wireless

$75,000,000 Senior Revolving Credit Facility

Casino Game Developer & Manufacturer

$55,000,000 Senior Revolving & Term Credit Facility